Sunday, 25 November 2007

The True 'Blade Runner Director's Cut'

Not game news, but geek news :)

The Australian release of the only true Director's Cut of Blade Runner is due for around 19 December 2007, with the title 'Blade Runner: The Final Cut'! The 1992 so-called 'Director's Cut' was not under the complete control of Ridley Scott so isn't definitive, but he had complete artistic control of the upcoming remastered 'Final Cut'. Blade Runner is one of my favourite sci-fi movies of all time (along with Alien, Contact, & Terminator) so I'm definitely hanging out for this one! It looks like it will be released around the same time in many countries with a date of 18 December mentioned on the Wikipedia page.

This will be the third version of the film I have. I already have the original (International?) version on VHS and the 1992 Director's Cut on DVD. Of those two the Director's Cut is better as it does away with the voiceovers which were a bit distracting, but the addition of the Unicorn scene doesn't necessarily help (it was intended to clarify Deckard's origins but you had to be aware of the possibility or it made no sense). On the other hand, the voiceovers did give the original release more of a link to the classic Film Noir genre to which it owes so much, so are not totally without merit. So I'm very interested to see how this new version stands up against the others..! Which means I'll have to subject myself to all 3 versions over a few days so they're fresh in my mind. I think I can cope with that ;-)

My favourite character? It has to be Pris, and not just because she's played by the almost unrecognisable Daryl Hannah (who I also like). To me Pris is a very complex and interesting character, played with finesse by Hannah, and a character you always sense is capable of extreme behaviour so is very menacing before she actually does anything. Her capacity for being so seductive one moment, and so violent the next, means you can never take her for granted!