Tuesday, 3 July 2007

'Is MacRaider still relevant?' Poll result!

I let this poll run for 5 weeks until I finished my TR Anniversary walkthroughs. Apart from the poll comments I had a few emails as well, and I want to thank everyone who responded!

The total responses weren't overwhelming at 11, but with human nature being what it is there is likely to be a silent majority out there who feel the same way. The most surprising things to me were that there was not a single negative comment, and there are several people who would like me to continue even though they may not be playing on a Mac in the future! And I'm particularly pleased that there are some who prefer my writing style - I always write as though I'm talking to the reader and that's not something I've cultivated, it's just the way I am. In fact I doubt I could write any other way...

So I've decided that I'll continue supporting the site for some time to come! There may not be a lot of news between games, and there's no guarantee that the next TR will be released on a platform I can use (there won't be another PlayStation 2 TR after Anniversary so if I jump the wrong way I'll be left out in the cold) but if I can find a way to continue my coverage I'll be doing it. And you'll be pleased to know that my email support will also continue!

Thanks again everyone, and keep on MacRaiding!


Airave said...

Way to go Kerrie,
never thought you'd do otherwise! =D
You are one of the Good Ones.

Many thanks for your
good hard work over the years
and in the future to come.

Now, to start reading your walk-through to see where I
may have screwed up, hehe.

Thomas Braider said...


I've been playing TR since 1997 when my son got a playstation. My wife, a teacher brought home a mac clamshell in 1999? I could now play the 3 original Gold games. Tombraiding on the Mac is the way to go, especially if you have a true dedicated OS9 booting Mac. You have helped me immensely in playing TR on an Imac G5 via classic both with your site and via personal emails. I am very grateful for all your help and your website. Please keep up the good work, even if just for us few. We love you!

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